I have just placed my order online, when is my order confirmed?
Upon submitting your order, the customer will receive a confirmation from The Organic Grocer. However, please still check your Customer invoice for your delivery day and date.

A contract of sale between the customer and The Organic Grocer then arises when a confirmation is received via email. If in doubt, please email your queries to

Are the prices of the products on the website subjected to change?
All products offered by us are subjected to occasional price changes, especially with fruits and vegetables which are subjected to seasonal price changes throughout the different seasons. However, to make it more convenient, we have priced most of our products per piece or per unit of measure such as in units of 250grams so that you will know the exact cost of your purchase.

What happens if a product I have ordered online is out of stock or not available?
We try to keep the products in our inventory in stock at all times. However, from time to time, due to an increased demand or an item being out of stock, the item you ordered may be not be in stock. In such cases, we will try to substitute the out of stock item for a similar item of equal value and quality. In such instances, if time permits, The Organic Grocer will first contact or email the customer regarding this matter.

If the substituted item is of a different brand and it has been offered to you, you will have the option to of refuse the substitution. In such instances, you will not be charged for the product.

Will my delivery arrive during the specified delivery time stated and can I request for a specific delivery time?
In most cases delivery times will be approximately at around the same time each week. However, due to possible changes in the driver's delivery routes or because of extra or reduced delivery numbers, and/or traffic flow issues, we cannot guarantee exact delivery times.

We will not be able to deliver your order within a specific time slot as this will affect the routing and cause delays to our driver's schedule. There will be an extra $8 charge incurred for customers who request for specific timings.

We will also endeavour to keep your delivery day the same as what is stated on the Customer invoice, but we reserve the right to change it at any time, due to unforseen circumstances. The Organic Grocer will inform you via email or a telephone call.

In instances where we are unable to deliver to you, or have to deliver late, for reasons beyond our control, for example adverse weather conditions, strike actions, vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion or supplier failure, we cannot accept liability for any inconvenience or loss this causes.

The Organic Grocer also reserves the right to stop servicing a certain area at any time if a minimum number of customers for that area are not met.

Who can accept my delivery?
Please make sure that there is someone available to accept the order during the specified delivery time. In any instance that there is no one at home to accept the order, a re-delivery charge of $15 may be charged. Please note that the delivery man will only wait a maximum of 10 minutes for your arrival.

If you are not home, our driver will leave your items at your front door, at the guardhouse, or with your neighbour. However, please note that we will not bear any responsibility for losses or damages to your purchased items.

Can The Organic Grocer deliver to my office as well?
We prefer to deliver to homes, but we can deliver to work addresses as long as the work hours are flexible and the workplace is in one of our delivery areas. Please note that a surcharge of $10 will apply, in addition to our delivery fee, for offices located in the CBD area/ERP areas.

What happens if I receive a damaged item?
Items purchased cannot be exchanged, returned, or refunded, except for items which were delivered in a damaged condition. If you have received a damaged item from us, you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the damaged item by calling (65) 91150702 / (65) 96872787 or emailing

Once notified about the damaged item, The Organic Grocer will arrange for you to have an exchange or credit of the damaged item in your next order.

Can I postpone or cancel my order?
You can postpone your order but please notify us at least 36 hours before the actual delivery date. No changes will be allowed to the delivery schedule if less than 36 hours notice is given. Our priority is to deliver the freshest goods to you and if your order consists of fresh fruits and veggies, you may delay your order by not more than 2 days from the actual delivery date and we will not take responsibility if the freshness is compromised.

We are sorry to inform you that cancellations are not allowed. This is because upon receiving a confirmation from The Organic Grocer, a contract of sale of arises on our acceptance of customer's order.