Wild Greenland Halibut Steak

Wild Caught Seafood (Greenland)

A firm, fine-textured fish, the Wild Caught Greenland Halibut has an abundance of Omega-3s and protein. Best served pan seared, grilled or broiled.

The Greenland Halibut is an Arctic fish with a right-handed, large-mouth flatfish, it is found at depths of 350 - 1,600m at near freezing temperature. Because of its dense, white flesh and sweet, rich flavor, this restaurant quality fish has gained immense popularity in recent years.

A firm, fine-textured fish, the Greenland Halibut poaches, grills, broils, braises and steams particularly well. It is also good roasted or sautéed. Marinades work well with this fish because it absorbs the ingredients thoroughly. The high fat content of the fish makes it rich in Omega-3s.

Harvested from: North Atlantic Ocean


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