Sunny Yellow Toddler Tableware

Re-Play (USA)

Re-Play Sunny Yellow Tableware is a fun and safe way for your toddlers to feed from, as it is BPA, PVC and Phtalate free.

Re-Think It is a family owned and family-focused company dedicated to providing sustainable and affordable products, while following responsible environmental and social business practices. Re-Play is line of infant and toddler dishware. Featuring a wide color pallet, each plate, bowl, cup, and utensil is manufactured out of recycled, FDA approved, food safe plastic.

Re-Play plates, bowls, utensils, and cups are made out of recycled HDPE plastic - basically that means milk jugs! HDPE is also BPA-free,BPS, Phthalate free, lead, phthalates, melamine and PVC free. Because it's made from #2 plastic, HDPE basically means milk jugs! It's one of the easiest plastics to recycle, and it can be recycled again and again. So drink your milk and toss that jug in the recycling bin!

Additionally, the source plastic is specially selected and cleaned to meet FDA & EU strict purity standard and the color concentrate used is safe for food contact, with all ingredients in the colors being FDA approved.

Re-Play is dishwasher safe and should NOT be used in the microwave.


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