Organic Apple Puree

Clearspring (UK)

SALE 50% OFF! (B.B. 31/03/18). Great gluten free snack for babies, toddlers & kids! Use it as a yogurt or cereal topping!

SALE 50% OFF! Best before 31 March 2018. (U.P. $3.50)

You will be surprised by the full, fresh flavour of Clearspring Organic Fruit Purées.

The exceptional flavour comes from using specially selected ripe organic fruit and prepared with the minimum of heating so the fruit retains all of its natural goodness.

Each of the variety is made without added concentrates, sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial colourings or flavourings.

Versatile enough for a quick snack, as a yogurt or cereal topping, or as an ingredient for a fruity organic pudding.

What makes our purées unique?

Naturally sweet, no added sugar
Does not contain fruit concentrates, or ascorbic acid
One pot = one of your 5 a day
Lightweight and recyclable packaging
We offer some single flavours ideal for weaning
Most of the fruits are sourced locally in Italy