Falafel Chips

The Wholesome Food Co. (AUS)

Integrating premium & healthy ingredients with exotic flavours,The Wholesome Company makes falafel chips that are high in dietary fiber and delicious.

Yarra Valley Snack Foods uses produce sourced predominantly from the fertile plains of Australia’s eastern seaboard to create its wide range of snacks at its facility, situated in Victoria’s pre-eminent lush, fresh food heartland.

Falafel Chips Original

21 herbs, spices, legumes & vegetables, including whole grain corn, beans & chick peas

Source of dietary fibre

Source of antioxidants

Certified gluten free

No genetically modified ingredients

No artificial colours, flavours or additives

Not chemically preserved

No added MSG


Ingredients: Whole grain corn, non-hydrogenated pressed vegetable oil [canola/sunflower], falafel seasoning [herbs, spices, vegetable powders, tomato powder, natural flavour, salt, paprika oleoresin], chickpea flour, bean flour, sea salt.

ALLERGEN ADVICE: May contain traces of milk protein.

DOES NOT contain any artificial colours, flavours, additives, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients or added MSG.

These chips were made in a nut free facility.