Organic Black Tea Chai

English Tea Shop (UK)

An ancient blend of ten organic Asian spices, organic black tea and organic orange peel. A cup a day may help fight weight loss, and improve heart health.

English Tea Shop is proudly certified by Soil Association, Fairtrade International and the Control Union. 

Because they understand how important tea is, English Tea Shop goes right to the source to bring you superb tea from the heart of Sri Lanka. Since 2010 they’ve sourced the best tea from the best farms in the world. Their team of experts then combines them at their own factory to create just the right balance of yummy flavours, thereafter the tea is hand packed to reduce their carbon footprint. From there English Tea Shop's teas are shipped over the sea and across the globe - into your cup.


Ingredients: Organic Ceylon black tea, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic mace, organic cloves, organic nutmeg, organic ginger, organic licorice, organic star anise, organic fennel, organic orange peel and organic black pepper.

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