Tomato Round

Organic Fruits (AUS)

Australian tomatoes are plump, juicy and sweet!

Tomatoes are a highly nutritious fruit. They contain the richest source of lycopene, a carotenoid that is also found in pink grapefruit and watermelon and which seems to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. The riper the tomato, the higher the level of lycopene. Tomatoes have a sweet flavour and contain about 3% sugar, half from fructose and half from glucose. A good source of vitamin C. 

Ripen tomatoes at room temperature until we are brightly coloured and slightly soft. Refrigerating it before it ripens will reduce our flavour and ability to ripen to its full potential. Whether you choose the baby cherry tomato, egg-shaped (Roma), vine-ripened or the so-called ordinary round ones, we are a versatile food and can be used in a great many recipes. Even unripe green tomatoes are delicious when cooked. Eat us raw after washing and removing the stem end. There is no need to peel its skin unless stated in the recipe, but if required simply dip it in boiling water for 1-2 minutes until our skin splits, or peel us with a small sharp knife from stem end down. Use tomatoes raw in salads, juice, sandwiches. Bake, stew, pan-fry, barbecue, microwave, stuff, puree and serve as a vegetable, in sauces, soups, pizza, omelettes, casseroles, with meat, chicken and fish and even in cakes.