Bruneus (SG)

  • Organic Roasted Hazelnut

    Bruneus (SG)

    Organic Roasted Hazelnut

    The rich indulgent flavour and crunchy texture of these roasted hazelnuts are perfect for sweet and chocolatey recipes, and make a great addition to salads for extra crunch.

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  • Organic Sun Dried Mulberries

    Bruneus (SG)

    Organic Sun Dried Mulberries

    SALE 25%! BB(1/11/17). An ancient Turkish super fruit, dried white mulberry is treasured for its superior nutrition profile. Use it in your breakfast cereals and yogurts, or simply enjoy it as a snack.

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  • Bruneus Organic Vanilla Beans

    Bruneus (SG)

    Bruneus Organic Vanilla Beans

    Perfect baking accompaniment, these organic vanilla beans provide a deep, earthy vanilla fragrance.

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