Organic Fruits (AUS)

  • Cavendish Bananas

    Organic Fruits (AUS)

    Cavendish Bananas

    A versatile fruit that makes a great addition to your breakfast or afternoon snack for that instant energy boost

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  • IN SEASON: Seedless Grapes

    Organic Fruits (AUS)

    IN SEASON: Seedless Grapes

    Back in season! Widely loved for good reason. These grapes are sweet, juicy and nutrient dense. Now in bigger denominations for better value!

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  • Valencia Orange

    Organic Fruits (AUS)

    Valencia Orange

    Juicy and sweet, oranges are renowned for their high concentration of vitamin C that boosts immunity. Oranges vary in size, depending on season.

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  • Tomato Round

    Organic Fruits (AUS)

    Tomato Round

    Australian tomatoes are plump, juicy and sweet!

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  • Lemon

    Organic Fruits (AUS)


    Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and have anti-bacterial properties that make lemon water all the rage these days!

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