The Organic Route

Since 2010, The Organic Grocer has proudly brought together the best organic brands from Singapore and around the world. We're just a click away and we'll deliver right to your door! Learn more about our free delivery here.

We also work directly with farms and wholesalers to deliver fresh organic produce and a wide range of all your favourite organic products all year round.

Most importantly, our fresh organic produce never ever stays in our possession. The moment we receive them from Australia or USA, our delivery team will quickly dispatch your order to you within the 48 hours. We order only what we need for each delivery day so that it gets delivered to you fresh.

Ugly, Expensive, Inconvenient

Organic Food is Ugly

You know those perfectly formed melons and leafy veggies you were gawking at? They’re probably loaded with all sorts of harmful things.

Good thing organically certified agriculture forbids the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers because an average non-organic fruit can contain over 20 pesticides. Imagine the slow build up of these poisons over the years—think of the kids.

Sure, a bug may have taken a tiny bite of your organic lettuce but hey, that’s all natural beauty baby.

Organic Food is Expensive

Yup, it’s a little more expensive simply because they do cost more to grow. Yields from organic farming is also less. But get this: More, actually means less.

Confused? Don’t be. Organic foods are known to have almost double the minerals and vitamins than the commercial farmed stuff.

You’ll be getting a whole lot more nutrients and less of all the harmful chemicals found from commercial farming.

More of the good stuff, less toxic sludge.

Organic Food is Inconvenient

What do you mean our store is too out of the way? Here's a deal-maker for you: Do all your organic shopping online and we'll deliver everything right to your door—for free*.

Our freshest produce always arrive on Wednesdays and Thursdays, those are the same days they'll get delivered to you. If you're in a hurry we also offer express delivery on certain items, more about delivery here.

So how about it? Fast, Free and Fresh.